About the authors

JAIMIE HALL BRUZENAK AND ALICE ZYETZ, on the road for more than 17 years traveling with their spouses and then alone, are RV Lifestyles experts who write and speak about a variety of RV topics. They specialize in working on the road, women travelers, and Boomers ready to retire and have written a number of books on those subjects.

What Others Are Saying

Retire to an RV-The Roadmap to Affordable RV Retirement is by far the most comprehensive guide to full-time RVing I have ever seen. It is easy to read. In addition to getting the authors' knowledgeable information on all these topics, the opinions and comments from numerous other full-time RVers covers all of the bases. For anybody planning, or just considering full-time RVing this is a must, must read. Great book! Mark Polk - RV Education 101

About the book

Join us (Jaimie Hall Bruzenak, Alice Zyetz and 41 other RVers) as we take you on a journey down the road in an RV towards an affordable way to retire and live a rich life at the same time. So many people are finding their retirement funds are worth less, plus fuel expenses keep rising. In this book, you will learn about all of the aspects of the lifestyle, but especially, how you can make it happen in these trying times.