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Can you afford to retire to an RV?
Is the RV lifestyle for you?
And … What is the RV lifestyle?

Join us (Jaimie Hall Bruzenak, Alice Zyetz and 41 other RVers) as we take you on a journey down the road in an RV towards an affordable way to retire and live a rich life at the same time. Jaimie and Alice are RV lifestyle experts, each starting out more than 16 years ago. When we began, fuel prices were lower and savings were more secure, but we still didn’t have a lot of money, yet we fell in love with the lifestyle.

RETIRE TO AN RV COVER 250 x157Today, cost is even more of a concern. So many people are finding their retirement funds are worth less, plus fuel expenses keep rising. In Retire to an RV: The Roadmap to Affordable Retirement, you will learn about all of the aspects of the lifestyle, but especially, how you can make it happen in these trying times. Cost is a key factor for many when considering the RV lifestyle. Not only is there an investment in the RV itself to figure, but also what will it cost on a day-to-day basis? We devote a chapter to answering this question. Chapter 15: “What if I can’t afford it?” and Chapter 16: “How do I Volunteer?” address working and volunteering on the road if you need to add to your income or significantly reduce your expenses. Other chapters discuss additional areas where RVers can be flexible in their spending. In Section VI, at the end of the book, you will find a summary of more than 50 money-saving tips.

In almost every chapter, we have the experiences of 41 RVers in their own words, to give you a realistic view of life on the road and choices they made. We also went back and asked our contributors specifically if they found the RV lifestyle to be less expensive than living in a regular house or apartment.

Here’s what you’ll learn to help you make your decision.

INTRODUCTION: 16 RVers describe how they save money living on the road.

55 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY while living the RV Lifestyle.

LINKS TO 200+ RESOURCES for additional information.


1. Is the RV lifestyle for me? What does the lifestyle entail? Do I have to sell my house? 11 RVers describe why they went on the road—too much snow, it was time, a matter of life and death, following the American Dream, and much more.

2. How do I make the decision? Learn about a tool to help you make the decision plus other methods to decide.

3. How do I get started? What do you do with your “stuff,” your furniture? How to say good-bye to friends and family? What is the 1-3-5 technique? 6 RVers give their real-life examples.

4. How do I get my mail? Find the answer to the most-asked question—as well as availability of cell phones, e-mail, Internet, other devices. Plus 14 links to additional resources.

5. How will I find friends? How to build an on-the-road community while you’re traveling.

6. What will I do all day? Besides visiting beautiful scenery, learn about the infinite variety of activities you can pursue on the road.

7. Where will I stay at night? Learn about all your options, including private campgrounds, public campgrounds, Elks and Moose campgrounds, membership parks, casinos, dry camping (no hookups). Can I really stay in a Walmart parking lot? 22 links for specific information.

8. How will I stay in touch with my family? Here are 25+ ways to stay in touch with your grandchildren as you travel. Find out how others have helped their elderly parents.

9. Where will I go? Anywhere throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. 13 links provide information to hundreds of national, state and local parks, monuments, and scenic byways, plus many additional travel ideas.


Chapters 10-13 provide all the information you need to decide what type of RV is right for your particular needs and how to make the best purchase you can. Advice from experienced RVers and multiple links will assist you with your decision.


Chapters 14-18 offer the nitty gritty information to help you decide how YOU can afford to retire to the RV lifestyle. Chapter 14 provides a budget worksheet to help you organize your finances. Based on Jaimie’s popular book, Support Your RV Lifestyle, chapters 15 and 16 show how you can work or volunteer on the road to add to your income and still enjoy the traveling life. Finally, chapters 16 and 17 help you choose your domicile and find the optimum insurance to make sure you are covered. Once again, personal experiences of other RVers and links to informational sites provide more information.

Chapters 19-21 answer the questions of how can I travel with my children, how can I travel by myself, and how can I travel with my pets. Experienced RVers show how they have successfully done so.

The last chapters 22-29 answer the remaining questions about life on the road. What if you are not handy, should you travel? What happens if you get sick? One more time, you will get honest, realistic answers to your questions. We have all been in many of these situations and continue to thrive on the road.

22. What if I’m disabled?
23. I’m not handy. Should I travel?
24. What do I need to know about RV systems?
25. Will I be safe?
26. Can my partner and I survive?
27. What happens if I get sick?
28. How do I handle an emergency?
29. Is the RV lifestyle for me?

The remaining pages are devoted to Resources, 55 Ways to Save Money on the Road, Index, and Authors’ and Contributors’ Bios.

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