Hanging up the keys- but where?


If you are just starting out RVing and making decisions about whether or not to keep your house, think about what you’ll do and where you will live when you hang up the keys. An article in Chicago Tribune Health section states that Florida and Arizona -states popular with retirees and RVers – are not the best states to end up because of the availability of affordable long-term care options. Florida is 43rd while Arizona is only 21st compared to the other states. According to the article, “Minnesota, Washington state and Oregon led the nation. On the other end of the scale, the Southern states of Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi scored worst.”

Ideally where you live should have assistance so you can stay in your home (or parked RV). The leading states provide more services to make this happen.

If you are on the road now in your RV and are thinking about where you might end up, this is an important factor. Long-term care in a facility is pretty much unaffordable for the middle class in any state so other options will make the difference.

Enjoy your RV lifestyle but keep in mind the days when traveling all the time will not be realistic or may no longer be fun. Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

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