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Lorene Collier Purcy’s recent post, “Easy Ways to Cut Retirement Expenses,”at her blog offers ten ways to cut expenses, which is another way to have more money to spend. Many are applicable to the RV lifestyle. A couple are worth noting.  Adjust your insurance. As your RV depreciates, you may not need as much coverage (unless you have full replacement). Or, if you drive fewer miles, your rates could be lower. A big factor could be your choice of domicile. Look at the overall picture in addition to vehicle, medical and personal insurance. It can make a difference.

Being flexible with your travel plans is another way to reduce expenses. While her example applies to people living in a stix ‘n brix house taking a vacation, RVers have control of how far they travel and how often. Parking the RV in a location, staying awhile while you explore can reduce your spending on fuel. Plus you may be able to take advantage of lower weekly or monthly rates at RV parks. Instead of racing across the country, seeing everything in a year, spread it out and see areas more in depth.

I think you’ll find some of her other ways can help you reduce expenses in your RV retirement too. A dollar saved is equivalent to a dollar earned! Jaimie Hall Bruzenak


May 17, 2014
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