Don’t choose these states as a homebase


These are not among the popular states for RVersĀ  homebases, but considering you might end up there when you get off the road, take a look at why these are not good choices in this USA Today article. They mention two other states with good weather – Texas and California – that have negatives. Texas has high rates of property taxes. California’s property tax rates aren’t as high as others but since property costs so much there, effectively you pay a lot. Plus California has a high cost of living.

Another things you might notice is that the states on the USA Today list do not have good weather. If you’ll be living in your RV for the winter eventually in that state, brrr….. Continuing to live in your RV might not be a realistic option in states with extremely cold weather and snow. You can always change your homebase down the road, but it is a hassle so why not pick a more realistic one to start with? Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

April 20, 2014
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