10 items to consider for retirement


Tom Sightings, writing for U.S. News & World Report Money column, offers “10 Items for Your Retirement Checklist.” Choosing to live the RV lifestyle, at least for a while, could help you with a couple of the items. First, you could add to your income plus spend less living this lifestyle, stretching your retirement dollars.

Secondly, RVing would give you the opportunity to check out places to settle when you get off the road. Unlike someone who sells their house and then immediately buys in a new area, an RVer can stay in the area at an RV park prior to moving there and see if the climate and activities are a match for the long term. An RV park would be cheaper than renting an apartment. You would not be tied to a rental agreement or lease if you decided after a short time that this was not the place for you.

An other advantage, in my opinion, would be to see some of the places you’ve always wanted to see and perhaps stay long enough to thoroughly explore and experience an area. It’s much easier and cheaper to travel in an RV and stay for a week, month, or even longer than it is to rent a hotel room and live out of a suitcase. Plus, while you are traveling, you can check out potential places to live when you hang up the keys.

It’s something to consider! Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

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