Watch out for scams- new health care law

Watch out for scams

Watch out for scams

Officials are already warning about schemes from con artists relating to the new health care law. Callers may identify themselves as being from the federal government saying you are part of the initial group selected to receive insurance cards through the new Affordable Care Act. Of course, you must provide some personal information. That could be your bank account number or your social security number.

There are no special insurance cards being issued as part of the enrollment for the Affordable Care Act.

Open enrollment doesn’t start until October 1 so anyone who claims they can sign you up now is deceiving you.

The Better Business Bureau has some tips

  • Government agencies send information out by mail, not through telephone calls.
  • Don’t trust what comes up on a caller-ID screen; scammers can thwart technology.
  • Never give out any personal information to unfamiliar callers.

If you want to check on something or need more information, you can go to, which is the official insurance marketplace. Or call 800-318-2596 24/7. Jaimie Hall Bruzenak



September 5, 2013
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