Are you afraid of running out of money?


In a blog, Dennis Miller cites the Allianz survey that found that 61 percent of adults 45-75 feared running out of money in retirement more than dying. Dennis comments:

Support Your RV Lifestyle!

Support Your RV Lifestyle!

“My real problem with the Allianz survey is that I want to live until I die. I want to enjoy life while I’m here. I worked my tail off for many years to accumulate a nice nest egg. I’ve earned more than a few low-stress, worry-free golden years.”

Miller goes on to say, that a post-retirement job just might be in your future. It could be fun – or at least laid back – and help alleviate financial worries. He lists several criteria.

Retiring to an RV can not only reduce your outflow of cash, but can provide interesting and fun jobs or volunteer gigs to do as you travel. RVers work at Disney World, Adventureland, Dollywood and other parks as well as work or volunteer at national parks, in RV parks and so many more. You can get more information in Support Your RV Lifestyle!

Enjoy your golden years! Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

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