Retro retirement- how about it?


“Live life with the money you have, not with the money you can only dream about.” I love this quote from Bob Lowry’s blog, “Satisfying Retirement.” In this blog post, “What Is A Retro Retirement? Are You a Candidate?” he talks about the many satisfying and creative ways to live your retirement years without spending a lot of money. In other words, do things that fit the income you have.

An RV doesn't have to cost an arm & a leg!

An RV doesn’t have to cost an arm & a leg!

RVing can be part of that equation. You don’t need the biggest and best RV if that’s not in your budget. You don’t have to crisscross the country each year, you can more thoroughly explore an area taking your time – and save money on both fuel and camping. (See 10 tips for saving money on camping) Working or volunteering is a way to stay in an area longer and have a place to park. You can pick how hard you want to work, perhaps even just a few hours a week. Grandkids could join you for a stay in an RV park. If there is a pool, they’ll be happy as clams!

There are many free or low-cost activities you can participate whether you’re staying put or traveling. Libraries can be a great place to catch up on magazines you enjoy without a subscription or to check the Internet and do email if you don’t want to pay extra for a connection. A bicycle can be great exercise or a YMCA membership usually allows you to use another Y’s facilities as a guest.

Get many more ideas for an affordable RV retirement in Retire to an RV. You can make it work and enjoy life! Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

July 25, 2013
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