RVing – not as many freeloaders?


A woman wrote to Dear Abby. Her husband’s dream was to move to the beach but the last three years, they’ve had all sorts of friends and relatives freeloading off them. She is at her wit’s end and ready to leave her husband and move back to her home state. Of course, Abby told her she (and her husband) need to speak up and set some ground rules for visits.

The full-time RVer would not have as big a problem in this situation. (True, some RVers could still be taken advantage of). First, you could spend time at the beach when the weather is nice but unless you go back to the same park year after year, you don’t have to tell others of your plans until the last minute, like where you’ll be and when you’ll arrive. And, you could decide to leave at any time and their accommodations at the beach will suddenly disappear. Relatives may not be as likely to expect to stay with you when they can’t plan ahead. An RV has limited space so company would (should) stay a short time unless you are a real pushover. It would be easier to say you can only accommodate two people at a time – not whole families.

A little backbone might be needed. Take them right away to the grocery store so they can stock up on the food they will be eating. You might offer to cook dinner one night, and ask what they’d like to cook another night. Breakfasts and lunches can be on your own. Suggest they bring a tent (or offer the use of one) for privacy. Some parks limit the number of occupants in an RV or charge extra. Laying out the charges they will have to pay ahead of time plus giving them “the script” lets guests know what is expected. (A script is telling them how it will be: pay extra camping charges or stay at local hotel/motel, buy your own food, wash your towels before you leave, etc. – and we’d love to see you!)

If you are prone to being taken advantage of – or love company but not the expense of entertaining – an RV will be less appealing for visitors. That in itself should cut down on the potential roommates. Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

July 22, 2013
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