Retirement savings- should they be mandatory?

Asking a few questions can save you money.

Asking a few questions can save you money.

Chris Goldstein explores this question in a column at According to Goldstein, only 66 percent of Americans save any portion of their paycheck and most of them have saved less than $25,000. Certainly this is not enough to retire on. Those who do have 401ks or IRAs often do not take advantage of escalation, where you can save more as limits are raised. Already Australia and England have mandatory savings. That could mean we are not far behind.

This could be a good idea but if it allows Congress to be less responsible fiscally and spend funds earmarked for Social Security, then taxpayers are getting more of a burden. My confidence in Congress is not at an all-time high. We need some safeguards in place to protect our own funds, especially if we look to this method for funding retirement. Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

June 16, 2013
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