iDoctor- the future is now


Dr. Eric Topol demonstrates the iDoctor on an NBC video and how your smart phone could save you hundreds and thousands of dollars by doing instant teststethescope both in the doctor’s office and remotely. A sensor, for example, on his abdomen, allows him to monitor his blood sugar whenever he wants- instantly. Very exciting! Watch the video here. The stethoscope may become obsolete!

This would sure give RVers freedom to travel. For example, a diabetic could send the results to the doctor and the doctor could adjust his medication. Your heart and blood pressure could also be monitored, tracked and results sent. It would also be a money saver for those with no health insurance or big deductibles. Let’s hope other physicians get on the band wagon. Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

June 4, 2013
Categories : RV retirement, Saving money
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