Taking retirement during the middle years


An article in the New Zealand Herald is written by a UK man who took very early retirement at 33. According to the author, one in twenty will be dead before retirement. He also notes, “The healthy life-expectancy of the average UK male is 74. This is three years younger than the recently-hiked state pensionable age. Besides, in these times of austerity who knows how long we may be forced to work… 70? 75?” He has some income from renting out his flat, so after assessing his life and the possible/probable future, Ed Hawkins and his girlfriend bolted the work world to live a simple life in France. At some point, they’ll go back to work.

This couple is not alone. They have met others. Here in the U.S. we see more younger people looking to the RV lifestyle as a way to get out of the rat race. Some will work, some use the Internet to be connected and earn some money, others live on the cheap. Their RV is a vehicle – physically and metaphorically – for a life of meaning and adventure rather than in a cubicle.

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April 23, 2013
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